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With inflation on the rise and demand for housing on the rise, private equity real estate, especially build-to-rent properties are a fast rising, reliable, and consistent and low risk asset class for long term wealth generation and passive income.

Investing in an asset class which is stable and dependable is critical for being able to safeguard the current financial estate and for continued wealth generation. The probability of assured wealth generation goes up exponentially when real estate investments are made with analytics, tech driven decision making, deep seated industry experience and a nuanced asset acquisition strategy.

At 33 Holdings, we believe build-to-rent offers a viable solution to overcome the housing crisis while creating opportunities for investors to deploy capital in an asset class which has a proven pedigree of long term consistent returns

Atlanta For Real Estate

The Atlanta real estate market has been showing a growing trend with a sale price increase of 20.3%.

So, it’s no longer the question of whether real estate investment is a good alternative or not, instead, the point to ponder is – what should one invest in, within real estate. 

Increase in build-to-rent as a good investment option

As a popular alternative to home ownership, rental homes have grown and are fast becoming the go-to solution for many American families. The soaring costs of living, the high interest rates on mortgages and the general sense of the “unknown” has fuelled the increase in demand for single family houses as well as multi-unit residences. 

The build-to-rent asset class within the real estate investment basket has helped resolve the housing crisis. On one hand, it provides an affordable housing option for the populace, while on the other, it becomes a viable investment option (as a house owner) for those who have the ability to invest in a house purchase. Instantly, built to rent becomes a consistent source of risk-free passive income for investors.

How build-to-rent helps Atlanta’s housing situation

House affordability has become a big hindrance in Atlanta. An increasing number of people seem to be opting for a built to rent home.

The spike in demand for single family houses, multifamily units and even large houses has led to a shortfall in availability. Like most other cities, Atlanta is struggling to provide affordable multiunit housing solutions, primarily due to zoning and density restrictions within popular areas. This becomes an add-on reason behind increasing investments within the built to rent options in Georgia real estate.

Renting an apartment is a better choice for those who may need more funding to buy a house in a popular area. Built to rent houses also provide multiple housing options for those looking to rent out a residential unit.

33 Holdings and Atlanta

At 33 Holdings, we have, for a considerable period espoused that Built to Rent is the way ahead. Our investments in Atlanta are evidence of us “put your money where your mouth is”. Just within Atlanta, 33 Holdings has 190 properties which are a mix of single family rentals and multi-family units

We are also expanding across different suburbs, cities and regions within Georgia with a keen eye on Alabama. 

Please do fill in an online form and engage with our investment relations team. Call us at 678.824.4508 for an in-person consultation. 

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