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Built-to-rent homes are properties constructed for long-term rentals providing investors with an avenue for wealth creation. Most built-to-rent properties become an effective approach for generating passive income too.

A 2021 report showed that built-to-rent homes had made up over 6% of the US home construction, which has had a considerable impact on the real estate investment market, especially private equity real estate.

Most analysts who study and follow the growth of built-to-rent homes have pointed to the possibility of creating double the number of built-to-rent homes by 2024 which gets 2 results in one go – solves the problem of affordable housing for those who have a stringent budget and becomes a way of wealth creation for owners of such properties.

The National Association of Realtors has reported that housing prices have shot through the roof in in 2022, leaving a significant portion of the public in a difficult position. Built-to-rent homes are being preferred by people as it allows them to setup a house in their desired places at an affordable cost.

At the same time, these built-to-rent properties also bring in considerable business for the local solopreneurs, enterprises and businesses which helps in the overall development of the larger community.

Very often, built-to-rent homes are as a fusion of various amenities and affordable housing options. It is also one of the safer, wealth creation option an investor can opt for given its ability to generate long term, consistent and risk free returns.

Built-to-rent homes have become one of the fastest growing asset class within  real estate investments, with developers and investors supporting built-to-rent homes and developing properties as quickly as possible.

The increased demand for homes and limited housing supply encourages tenants to be consistent in their rental payments while extending their lease contracts year on year. This helps families reside in built-to-rent homes with a peace of mind while also giving its owners or investors an assurance of a good, steady risk free wealth creation opportunity.

Research, market trends, rising cost of living and a squeeze in liquidity would mean built-to-rent properties as an asset class would be in demand for a considerable period of time given their  affordability and the convenience they provide.

Built-to-rent homes offer the best facilities for tenants, which is the apt space for tenants looking for long-term renting services with the help of investors who focus on real estate investments.

The built-to-rent sector is witnessing continued investment from investors across the globe resulting in better real estate investments and increased wealth creation.

Real estate investors and property owners plan and construct built-to-rent homes specifically for tenants who prefer a single-family home. As the interests of tenants are prioritized whilst developing built-to-rent properties, they become an apt solution for people looking at affordable housing which also offers some lifestyle and community comforts.

At 33 Holdings , we firmly believe built-to-rent is going to be a key solution in taming the growing housing crisis in the United States. This is simply because as an asset class, built-to-rent works well for tenants and affordable housing seekers as well as real estate investors looking for consistent and long term returns on their investment as a mechanism for wealth generation.

33 Holdings has an efficient team of asset managers, real estate experts and construction specialists under one roof. This makes it easy to offer private equity real estate investment as a service along with vertical integration capabilities like construction and property management.

Engage with us at your earliest convenience to know more and talk to an investment relations executive.

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