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Real estate investments and assets have become a wealth creation tool in the present economic environment. The financial stability provided to the investors attracts them to involve in this method of wealth creation.

At present, there are around 14,000 built-to-rent homes that are under construction in America where 35% of the American households are being rented for passive income. The creation of economically valuable assets helps in wealth creation for the investors through consistent returns.

In 2021, there was a record increase in the built-to-rent homes where 6,740 new built-to-rent homes were constructed resulting in wealth creation. In a recent survey, around 78% of the people had expressed their interest in living in single-family homes which helps in a balanced cost of living.

The predatory private mortgage lending and unregulated markets resulted in a housing crisis and had an impact on real estate investments. The issues of housing affordability can be solved through built-to-rent homes which leads to a stable and risk-free long-term passive income.

Built-to-rent can be considered as the current big thing in rental housing as a hike in renting will provide a solution to the ongoing housing crisis. Real estate investment is one of the best long-term investments by individuals that is targeted toward long-term wealth creation.

Built-to-rent communities attract renters and investors equally as it is a great opportunity for enhanced development. Real estate investments can be increased by investing and developing built-to-rent homes for any individual depending on their interests.

As single-family homes act as the preferred choice these days, built-to-rent homes are the best option, especially for families who have been marginalized owing to the steep hike in interest rates and mortgage plans. While analyzing the current built-to-rent housing method, it can be seen that built-to-rent has taken over most of the housing market resulting in the improvement of real estate investments.

In the American Housing crisis, built-to-rent models come up as the best solution as per the study conducted by Housing experts. The outstanding returns received by the investors through the built-to-rent model help in wealth creation and contribute to the enhancement of real estate investments.

As per the changing lifestyle preferences of people, built-to-rent homes are now being rented by people of all age groups and are not specific to only retired individuals.

Built-to-rent model is the perfect means for making passive income for the investors at controlled inflation rates. The experts in built-to-rent, who have a well-planned strategy and vision, continue to build based on the changing conditions in society focusing on real estate investments.

33 Holdings is a private equity real estate firm operating across the globe intending to enhance real estate investments through construction, management, and investment. The private rentable residential properties made available in Built-to-rent provide purpose-built homes with high quality. The professional management and longer tenancies attract renters leading to more real estate investments.

Built-to-rent homes offer longer tenancy agreements and professional management which attracts families and persons inclined towards single-family homes. The entire community is considered in this process of built-to-rent where the economy of the country develops with the real estate investments.

33 Holdings provides you with services and solutions around built-to-rent housing where the benefit of investors and renters is considered for the overall development. The real estate firms continue to flourish as they prioritize customer interest along with increasing real-estate investments for personal and community growth.

At 33 Holdings we ensure that both, the investors and renters get benefitted through more supply and more affordable homes respectively. Built-to-rent homes are more effective than other housing methods as it has low maintenance costs with an attractive building structure and convenient living. The investors owning built-to-rent homes generate passive income as it comes with stable returns which are risk-free.

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