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An asset is perceived as a true investment when it yields returns regularly and stands as a promising wealth compounder in the long term. Real-estate investments have always been instruments which deliver consistent, long-term and safer returns. Among the key contributors to wealth creation and passive income sources for many wealthy people, real estate investment fund ranks very high. 

While real estate investment funds and projects are an imperative source of wealth creation, a paradigm shift comes in when an investment pattern within an asset class is well aligned and in sync with emerging trends and socioeconomic conditions. 

The combination of an active fiscal cycle shift and record high inflation, are economic indicators of turbulent times for the workforce. Thus, any large scale growth in the housing-related investments from the working class has become less reliable. With property values reaching historic highs many people simply cannot afford to buy, but still want to live in a single family home. Not only does 33 Holdings want to leverage build-to-rent assets to create tremendous value for our investors, we also aspire to be an active contributor in solving the housing crisis in America. 

With millions of Americans scouting for affordable housing solutions, the build-to-rent properties are seen as a boon for all stakeholders. Technically build-to-rent is a kind of real-estate investment, wherein the real-estate property groups develop and maintain communities and residential properties, that are rented out to the people. 

The golden line set up in a build-to-rent model of investments for the investment groups and their stakeholders is the regular cash flow from the huge capital investments, appreciation of asset values, and retention of the ownership rights over the property by the investors. 

Investors looking for the right opportunities in real estate asset class investments can benefit from the build-to-rent approach. Despite the fact that investing in private ownership properties is a sound investment, it has its own set of constraints as to maintaining the property, compliance, and hassles of tie-up with real-estate brokers for tenancy, etc.

At 33 Holdings – our abilities to build, rehab and manage properties, especially in the build-to-rend category, enables us to elevate the value of the real estate venture we are associated with. Our vertical integration capability augments our property management function which together delivers superior returns for our stakeholders and investors. Our end-to-end private equity real estate investment service is best placed to start generating passive income from rentals,

Opportunities for investments in the build-to-rent kind of asset class are plentiful in the market. Investing in the right reality investment developers who focus on developing single-family home properties for rental purposes is a crux for successful wealth creation. If the investors fail to choose the right kind of real estate companies that are seasoned in such an investment class, succeeding in wealth creation could be a hardship. 

Across the United States, and more specifically in Southeast real estate investment sector, there are numerous ventures of build-to-rent kind of real estate investment opportunities emerging. Now is the right time for investors to consider this elite kind of real estate investment fund opportunity as a wealth creation avenue alongside passive income yield.

Do you want to know more about the suitable investment opportunities, and be part of an appealing growth of the Build-to-Rent ecosystem?  Engage with us at your earliest convenience! 

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