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Inflation data for May 2022 released by the bureau refers to the inflation numbers as a historic rise and the highest since December of 1981 and compared to market forecasts of 8.3%.  

The story does not end there, and a steeper rise is expected, alongside recession-inclined conditions. Fed, financial institutions, and many institutional investors believe a recession is setting in. 

Why should you step back and assess your investment portfolio?

-> Timing capital deployment into the appropriate asset class with a visionary approach can help investors confidently expect returns on their investments . 

-> Rising inflation and recorded CPI (Consumer Price Index) numbers are ringing bells that should have investors rethink the asset class allocations for their capital. 

Private equity real estate is one of the safest and risk adjusted passive income generators to overcome the uncertainties of inflation. 

A strategic selection of Private Equity Real Estate funds can be a potential opportunity for investors to hedge their wealth from the impacts of inflation. The investment returns of private equity real estate do not perform well in lower inflation periods and low GDP conditions. 

The current  inflation and GDP numbers reflect that any cautious selection of private equity real estate funds can be a potential opportunity for investors to have a hedge position against inflation and reap the benefits of investments.

However, investors need to be cautious in picking a private equity real estate investment firm. The right mix of fund managers, vertical integration capabilities, and deep seated industry experience are all needed together to navigate through such volatile periods of economic activity

33 Holdings has the right mix of all capabilities in-house, to minimize the “Action-Reaction” impact your investments may have and help you generate a consistent passive income to help you in your wealth creation journey

Top 5 Reasons to Stick with Real Estate Market Right Now! 

  • Landlords have the scope to raise the rents, under better economic conditions, indirectly resulting in increasing property value. 
  • Real estate leases have an inclusive arrangement where rental income bumps are written in to overcome annual inflation rates. 
  • A survey analysis spanning the four-decade history of NCREIF Property Index performance refers to Private Equity real estate investments as a potential medium that delivered good returns across the economic scenarios. 
  • If the fund managers of the Private Equity Real Estate Investments are strategic with their investment practices, it would deliver good results on the ongoing and new investments in this asset class.

What can 33 Holdings do for you?

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